Acting Reel


Elevator (Clip)

Put together office worker becomes both bossy and humiliated when a clandestine elevator romp goes awry.


Winter Break (Short)

Despondent preschool teacher searching for answers only has her cat for company during winter break.


Find Love NYC (Web Series)

Young corporate professional with permanent Disney-Smile. She did all the homework and expects you to do the same.

(appears at 9:28)


Recovery (Short)

Wholesome younger sister with a big heart and a penchant to take care of her own.


Slate & Personal Anecdote 

Warning: Nerd Alert


Minutes to Midnight (Short) 

Well meaning twenty-something party girl, drunk with liquor and with love.


Boot Camp (Monologue)

Angela confronts her boyfriend with a tough question before he leaves for four years to join the armed forces.