"Some Night" Opens March 3rd Off Broadway at the Ophelia Theatre


SYNOPSIS: For people of the starry-eyed variety, some nights are more life changing than others. In times gone by, Athenians have flown to the forest in the name of love, acting troupes have gone to great lengths to be acknowledged and rewarded for their art, and fairies have wreaked all manner of mischief upon the mortal world for the sake of self-aggrandizement. But has anything really changed? Some Night follows an eclectic band of characters as they pursue their dreams of love, power, fame, and fulfillment while struggling to reconcile their own ideas of fantasy and reality. This original comedy pays homage to the happenings of a famous midsummer night while bringing the magic to today’s baffling and yet still enchanting world.

Directed by Eric Ruiter

Starring: James Jelkin, Elizabeth Scopel, Megan Magee, Nick Denning, Ethan Crystal, Ashley Grombol, Landon Sutton, and Zach Rich

"Your Alice" Opens April 28th Off Broadway at the Ophelia Theatre

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