"Your Alice" Opens April 28th Off Broadway at the Ophelia Theatre


SYNOPSIS: One golden afternoon on 4 July 1862, Charles Ludvig Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) began to tell a story that would be held in the hearts of children and adults alike for the next 150 years. But what about the first ears that heard this story? Your Alice explores the complex and dynamic friendship between Mr. Dodgson and his ‘Dreamchild’ muse Miss Alice Liddell, the inspiration behind Alice in Wonderland. As they sail down the Oxford river, the songs, words and whimsical characters of Wonderland are pitted against the demons of a man struggling to keep himself afloat.

Directed by Billie Aken-Tyers and Michael Bradshaw Flynn

Original score by Stephen Murphy

Starring: Eliza Shea, Charles Dodgson, Andy Dispensa, Tamara Sevunts, Kaitlyn Schirard, Ian Petersen, Michael Tubman, Lawryn Lacroix, Brittney Moss, Megan Magee, and Zach Rich

Make Believe, Magic, and Menace: Lisa Hubermen on "Your Alice" by Billie Aken Tyers

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